Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fun times with old friends...

Look Mom, a BIG fountain!
Beautiful Eveley!
Just sitting on the trampoline
Fun in the fountains

These are all straight out of the camera from the other day.  Once I have more computer time and am feeling better...I might edit them on Photoshop...any suggestions?


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Great Photos....they are crystal clear!

Kate and Eveley are adorable.....I love Kate's plaid dress!

Kate said...

No suggestions for editing...just letting you know I am here and enjoyiing watching your process from camera to final copy...I just ordered photoshop myself and hope to take a class in the spring to learn how to use it more. Much to my surprise, I found a true passion in photography...and I love the title of this blog...for me, taking pictures is choosing happiness! :-)

I was wondering if I could link this blog on my favorites???

Please take care, Kim...I am just so sorry you are enduring such tribulations...praying hard that the plague passes you by...that's about the only thing left, right??? :-)

Thinking fo your family with concern.


Karen said...

Great photos! Your blog looks great, did you have someone design or did you do yourself? I'd love to learn how to change my own blog look.