Thursday, February 19, 2009

Balancing Act {16/365}




Apple of my eye

One of my best friends "Bagel" (Not her real name but a nickname that Kate assigned her) flew in  to attend a photography workshop with me.  We went to the park with all the kids in the afternoon and I caught these of Kate.  A kind flickr friend recommended the black and white with selective color on the apple (Bagel colored the apple as I have a shaky hand).  It was done on Picnik but you can do this on elements or lightroom too.

Bagel took the photo on the slide....


And just to keep with the theme---balancing....

Harry had to do this trick!



Michelle said...

I am so envious of your warm weather ... it's minus 20 here today. brrrrr!

Kate is gorgeous in these pictures and her dress is adorable!

Marla said...

Those are adorable! Love her little dress!

Rebecca said...

I LOVE those pictures! Kate looks like she is having a ton of fun.

(And very cute dress!!)