Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Open Wide, baby! {8/365}

Open wide, baby!
This is not a photo of great composition or lighting (or anything else for that matter) but it is significant because today was the first time Kate got her teeth cleaned at the dentist.  She kept saying..."I do not like that" and "I don't have to do that" as she watched the boys get their exams and cleanings.  But thanks to the miraculous patience and loving kindness of the hygienist, Kate surprised us all and cooperated in the end.  She was a PISTOL in the office though and I prayed a lot.  All of the peanuts are cavity free and have beautiful pearly whites. I am so thankful for that.

Camera: Nikon D80
Exposure: 0.02 sec (1/50)
Aperture: f/5.3
Focal Length: 58 mm
ISO Speed: 250
Exposure Bias: 0 EV
Flash: No Flash
Aperture Priority


Sharon said...

I like the composition Kim. The Dr. C over to the side with the white gloves in the!

I am also glad you made it through the dentist! No telling how that can go! Brave little kate!!!!

carolinagirl said...

I love this photo! My husband is a dentist so I am a little partial! Tell Kate I don't like to go to the dentist either though, and I am married to one.

Jodee Leader said...

Way to go, Kate!

Jewels of My Heart said...

Oh, Kim....... I am so proud of Kate! She is amazing.....
as to the pic..... Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I am terrified of the dentist!!!!!!! That's right.... ALL OF THEM!

Frances Vineyard said...

I'm loving your challenge pictures! I need to get these boys to the dentist for their first cleaning too!