Sunday, March 29, 2009

More 365 (catching up and racing ahead)

Will, Kate and I went to the famer's market.  I got some really fun shots that I will post but I am using this one for my 365 project....

Purple Kohlrabi
Purple Kohlrabi {52/365}

Will loved these carrots.  He was such a charmer at the market.  He chatted up the sellers and even picked out some flowers for me.  It was such a nice hour with him.

Rainy day game
A friendly game of chutes and ladders with Harry and Kate.  Kate just moves anywhere she wants with total disregard for the rules.  I see trouble ahead.

Look alikes?
I realized we bear a striking resemblance to our games pieces (me, harry and kate). 

too tired to stand
Took this on a walk and realized it looked exactly  as I felt by the end of this week. I call is "too tired to stand." It is one of my favorite shots.  I wish I had a macro lens so I could have capture more detail on the rose.

Take me out to the ball game...
Harry is doing so well with baseball this season.  He loves it.  He has awesome coaches and a great attitude.

Sorry, I did not include all the photo stats.  I am pressed for time. If you are interested in that.... you can click on any photo (it will go to flickr) and the stats are listed under "more properties" on each individual photo.

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Frances Vineyard said...

What a cute baseball player :)