Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A special notecard.... {5/365}

Letter to a friend... {5/365}

Imagine my utter JOY when I walked into Papyrus a few days before Christmas and saw one of my best friend's photography in a beautiful set of boxed notecards.  I immediately called her!!  I was SO excited and happy for her.  I am really proud of my friend, Shana.  She is talented, beautiful and has a heart of gold.  I used her Florabella action "afternoon" on this  photo.

You can find her work here.  And the cards here and here.


Dawn said...

Wow Kim...I love the contrast with yesterday's pretty, that must be your desk :)

snekcip said...

Oh how I loves Shana's photography! I'm not surprised at all, that the WORLD would take notice and "tap into" her talent! So excited for her!