Saturday, January 1, 2011

The third time is the charm, right? {1/365}

So, this will be my third attempt at a 365 project.  I really had no intention of starting one but my friend Shana convinced me to give it a try with her.  We are keeping it low stress.  I am sure some photos will be SOOC (straight out of the camera) and snap shot-ish and some will be composed and post processed.

Last year I kind of backed off from photography to spend more time with the kids and less time at my computer. It was a good decision for my family but my photography skills took a backslide.  I am hoping to find balance this year.  I want to improve my skills but not spend too much time behind a lens or in front of a screen because let's face it...that is not really living, is it?

So, here is my fist shot of the New Year.  It is my silver bowl full of Christmas cards from beloved family and friends.  I often leave it out until February or March.  This year I might leave it out all year and randomly pray for the families nestled inside.


I am not going to post the stats of each shot but you can click on it and veiw the exif data on flick if you wish.  Post processed with Florabella Mademoiselle.

This is what it looked like SOOC...

7139 SOOC


Dawn said...

oh Kim this picture is soo pretty. I am "attempting" project 365 this year for the first time, I think it will be a great way for me to practice with my camera. I am also going to read the bible through this year..starting tonight! Thanks for the inspiration!

Jodee Leader said...

Love, love, love this picture!

Michelle said...

I am wondering if I should be so brave and attempt this again this year ... you are inspiring me! :-)

Love the picture, and the idea of Christmas cards in a beautiful silver bowl!

Keisha said...

Thanks so much for this idea!! My cards were on the way to never-neverland.. but, Not now! You saved them! ;)
I look forward to bringing them to our kids at family night prayer.. and let them pick a card to pray for!! They will love it!!
THanks again.
And.. by the way.. go check out my blog.. you've been an inspiration to me too. Thanks Girl!

paige said...

gorgeous shot!!
fabulous bokeh

i was debating 365 but think i will do the 52 instead!
good luck my friend :)