Monday, May 4, 2009

Life is good (title by sneckip)

My sweet hubby makes the peanuts lunches every single night:) 
My new do
I got a new haircut!

Urban wildlife
My 3 Peanuts catching tadpoles in the city on a Friday afternoon.

He won the game!
It was the last inning of a tie game and Harry scored the winning run. His teammates rushed out from the dugout and picked him up. I got tears in my eyes!

Go ahead...plant one right here!


NPS said...

Wonderful photos Kim! I love you new "do". Hope all the peanuts are doing well, especially Harry.

Jodee Leader said...

Love your new do. It looks fabulous!

Jboo said...

Great photos!! How sweet that your hubs makes the sandwiches nightly -- what a help! And Harry's home run -- what a blast!

Love your new haircut and that Kate is such a cutie. Hope everyone is feeling better there.


Running In Stilettos said...

I love the new haircut! So Chic!

Jennifer said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your new do!! So cute! I love the spicy chip pic and the peanuts fishing for tadpoles {and Kate in her tutu}

Anonymous said...

wow!! your new haircut is fabulous!!

(and so are all of your photos!!)

snekcip said...

Title this one LIFE IS GOOD!!! Cute haircut, wonderful Hubby, Harry's homerun, beautiful kids that pretty much sums up the title!!

Felicia said...

All great photos and I LOVE your new do!!!!

Twinkletoes said...

These might be some of my favorites - especially them catching tadpoles together! PRECIOUS!
And I LOVE your haircut!!!

carolinagirl said...

KIM - we MUST be kindred spirits!!! I have the same French Connection shirt that you are wearing and the same lobster pjs and bought the same dresses for our little one! Too crazy!!!

Anonymous said...

Just recently started following your blog. I am a former journalist and write too much on my blog, I loves yours for a word escape!

Love the haircut!

CarolinaGirl said...

Your pictures are amazing, and I love the new haircut! You are so beautiful. Pretty snazzy camera too.

jennifer said...

Hey girl, are you using a Nikon D90? I'm trying to decide between that camera and the Canon TXi. Any opinion? the pics (and the hair!)

Dj said...

Parabéns! são muito bonitas as suas fotos, muito sucesso para você.

Marco Reis said...

Hi there!
I just got to your blog by clicking "next blog" at the topo of mine :)
Let me encourage you to post more photos:
Your photos have a very good image quality, and besides and more important than that they represent unique moments and expressions of the people in in them.
I also like photo a lot, but people photos are not my best, and so i recognize the value of who can take them!
Keep tajing some good photos and don't care about if you post dayli, weekly, or monthly... ust post when you feel like!

Andre said...

Just happened to push on NEXT BLOGS and landed on yours...very nice pics! Love pic 95 - is somehow related to what I just have started talking about on my own blog :"How to enjoy your life on this planet of ours"
It's the simple things in life that usually make us the happiest - that is if we allow them to :-)
Besides all of definitely have an eye for nice pictures! Congrats!